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Wang Zheng did not look. Things like an energy shield were too, too weak when faced with warp effects. Especially at this level.


When the cameras went on Ye Bingwen, the commentators on Aslans side naturally had to make an introduction. This was the first time Ye Bingwen had made an appearance in the international stage. His appearance received countless cheers. This was because at this moment, he was representing Earth. And because of Wang Zheng, Earth had never felt more proud.


Ouyang Chuanyun had no other choice but to pick up his spear again. What sort of physical technique was this? The Aslan Empire had very good knowledge of physical techniques and had also combined all the various physical techniques in existence. But why was this happening? He could not understand why the moment the tips of the spears touched, his spear would just fly off his hand.


He was not an Earth-rank warrior, but nonetheless possessed a C-level ability. Death in a different manner. This caging technique was executed skillfully; even an Earth-rank warrior could not untangle himself from it easily.


He could no longer lift his right arm. Although it had been healed and he had been using his left hand to hold the sword during battle all this while, the continuous confrontations were still a great burden to his body.


Many breathed a sigh of relief. They finally understood where the problem with Saruman Snake was. As the captain, the distance between Wang Zheng and his members was huge.

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It was not until a clap was heard from the stand from the prime minister of Aslan, Kashawen, that the clapping began to sound gradually.


Girls were so weird and wonderful. They would worry about trivial things, even though they had no obvious relation to each other. As for the most important victories or defeats, they seemed inconsequential.


However, the traces of militarization were still there to be seen. The evacuation facilities and the streets were still thronged with soldiers in uniform.


A hint of smile revealed on Mars’ pale face. “Haha, you’ve seen through me. Then I shall speak openly. I hope that you win. If the Soulless battle team successfully enters the finals, our family’s situation will become even more difficult. You might be wondering why I, a person from Arbiter, would be colluding with outsiders though.”


Under the pressure, Mu Zhen suddenly dug his sword into the ground and dropped to one knee.


Anluda’s Wind God continued to pursue. The Wind God was definitely fast, but the Reaper was also a famous Arbiter scout mech. With Sweeney’s sudden blinding ability and the large arena, she was completely playing the opponent. She could easily pull away the distance just by slightly changing directions.


Perhaps it was just Arbiter that was helpless, because Arbiter was not a hospitable country. The strongest would come from Arbiter.



Bolet was really not superstitious, and did not believe in being superstitious. He had witnessed Wang Zheng’s growth. From IG, Wang Zheng had created miracle after miracle. He had always thought that Jondi Lilick’s Death Vine was a deadly Ability X. The Wood attribute was the most complex and most profound branch of the Five Elements. The Death Vine was supposed to be invincible, yet Wang Zheng had broken through it with ease. He believed that Wang Zheng had yet to reveal his full power. However, one certainty was that the Warrior Soul battle team would definitely inflict serious injury upon Saruman Snake, although they might not be able to claim victory over them.



Wang Zheng knew that Arbiter’s Warrior Soul College and Iron and Steel College were at odds. Both schools were backed by families that were political rivals. If they acted, the first would not be Mars, no matter how you looked at it.


Meng Tian suddenly felt that both Xie Yuxin and Wang Zheng were similar. Regardless of their opponents, and how strong the opponents may be, you would never sense despair or the thought of giving up from them. The only difference would be that Wang Zheng was passionate, while Xie Yuxin was too calm and rational, just like a robot.


Such slight was also a kind of display of strength, but Achilles, of course, would not be angered so easily.

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